A Tribute to Latino Animators

The 19th Corto Circuito pays tribute to Latino animators who have a strong presence in today’s festivals and international platforms, competing independently or as part of large studios, with stories for both children and adults. The program includes short films from Latin America, Spain and Latinos in the diaspora that demonstrate a wide variety of techniques used in animation, including traditional 2D drawings, 3D objects such as paper, clay, and other materials, plus stop motion or motion graphics. Among filmmakers being show are world-class animators such as Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina), Samuel Kishi Leopo (Mexico) and new ones such as Genis Rigol, Alisson Thiago, Mariana Wenger, and Patricio Plaza, plus so many more.

“In this inexhaustible universe of animation, we find wonderful characters, who either because of their ingenuity, their personality, their physical form or many times, because of their stupidity, become endearing to us. They are part of our imagination. We hope that the short animations made by Latinos that we present in this 19th Corto Circuito move the viewer to become risky and even impertinent in their visions since they seek to create spaces and dialogues where perhaps real images cannot reach. Animation, at the end of the day, is magic that shows us the reality of this chaotic world!