Elena Molina | Spain | Documentary | 2018 | 17min


Paloma Pujol, tired of being the only freestyler woman in Spain, challenges herself to open the female category in the Spanish Football Freestyle Championship, but she needs at least four more girls to achieve it.

Paloma Pujol, cansada de ser la única mujer freestyler en España, se propone abrir la categoría femenina en el campeonato nacional de freestyle football, pero necesita encontrar al menos cuatro chicas para conseguirlo


Elena Molina has a degree in Audiovisual Communication, Univ. Complutense of Madrid and acomplished her studies at Universitá degli Studi di Perugia, and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. She has developed documentary projects in Burkina Faso, France, South Corea, Kuwait, Cape Verde, Algeria and Hait, such as her first two documentary short films: The Puppetsl Cemetery (2014) and Qand j´étais petit (2016). was Laatash (2019) selected and awarded in festivals all around the world, and her first feature documentary film, Rêve de Mousse (2018), was co-produced for TV. She is currently developing her second long feature documentary selected by the European Social Documentary Program EsoDoc2019.

Elena Molina es licenciada en Comunicación Audiovisual por la U. Complutense de Madrid, completa sus estudios en la U. di Perugia
(Italia) y en la U. Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). Ha realizado proyectos en Burkina Faso, Francia, Corea del Sur, Kuwait, Cabo Verde, Algeria o Haití, como los cortos documentales: The Puppets Cemetery (2014), Quand j’étais petit (2016) y Laatash (2019), seleccionados y premiados en festivales alrededor del mundo, así como su primer largo documental Rêve de Mousse (2018) coproducido con TVC. Actualmente está desarrollando su segundo largo documental seleccionado en el Programa Europeo de Documental Social EsoDoc2019.