César Méndez / Spain / Animation / 2014 / 13 min


Some time ago, on a winter morning, a little girl went out looking for firewood. She travelled far away from home and came across a trail of blood. She decided to follow it.

Hace tiempo, un día de invierno salió a buscar leña, se alejó demasiado de casa, encontró un rastro de sangre… y lo siguió.


César Díaz Meléndez born in Madrid in 1975, has been an animator for the last 20 years. His works include animation techniques with puppets, sand, objects, humans and 2D traditional animation. He has worked with more than 40 cartoon series for TV, commercials and music videos. He currently specializes in stop motion, working on feature films like: Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman, ParaNorman (Laika), Frankenweenie by Tim Burton, Solan and Ludvig, Jul i Flaklypa (Qvisten Animations), The Flying Machine (Breakthru Films), “O Apostolo” (Artefacto productions), and more. In 2002 began working on own stop motion short films like: “Zepo” (2014), “No corras tanto” (2009), “Atormenta” (2009), “Cocina salvaje” (2007), “Arroz Pegao” (2004), and “Documentales Animados” (2002).