Miguel López / Spain / Mockumentary / 2014 / 10 min


If walls could speak, what would they say about their neighbors? A day in the life of Mr. Istvan and Ms. Magdi, neighbors for many years, is narrated by the building of Budapest where both live. The walls surrounding them reveal their small passions, stories, and routines.

Si las paredes hablasen, ¿qué dirían de sus vecinos?. Un día en la vida del Sr. Istvan y la Sra. Magdi, vecinos desde hace muchos años, es narrada por el edificio de Budapest en el que ambos viven. Las paredes que les rodean desvelan sus pequeñas pasiones, historias y rutinas.


Miguel López Beraza was born in Madrid, Spain, on March 27, 1984. During the past two years he has participated in DOCNOMADS, a program of the European Union where 23 international directors have been selected to participate in a Master in Documentary. He has also studied photography at the EFTI School. Walls is his directorial debut.