Soberano papeleo / Sovereign Paperwork
Lala Severi / Uruguay / Animation / 2014 / 3 min


An employee who passes his hours coordinating files at an archive is surprised to receive a blank sheet of paper, which brings with it the possibility to make an unexpected change.

Un empleado que pasa sus horas archivando expedientes es sorprendido por un papel en blanco que le mostrará varias posibilidades de cambio.


Lala Severi has worked on the study of Tournier Animation (Stopmotion) since 1986 in the direction of short films, art direction, development and production. She had the role of art director in the feature film “Selkirk, el verdadero Robinson Crusoe” and the TV shows Tonky, Mi Familia, Tatitos and Derechos del niño. She is the director of the short films Gota a gota” (1991), “El color de agua” (2011), “Vamos a encontrarnos” (2011) and “Soberano papeleo” (2014)