Se venden conejos / Rabbits For Sale
Esteban Giraldo / Colombia / Fiction /2015 / 17 min



A fable about the significance of solitude and the incessant struggle of Clemencia, a middle-aged woman, to overcome it. She lives in a tiny house in the country and her only companions are four beautiful rabbits she considers family. During times of extreme difficulty, Clemencia tries to survive selling lettuce, but her love of her animals permanently betrays her economic needs.

Una fábula acerca del significado de la soledad y la incesante lucha de Clemencia, una mujer de edad media que quiere sobreponerse a ella. Vive en una casa pequeña en el campo con 4 lindos Conejos como compañeros y a los que ella considera su familia, En un momento de extrema dificultad, Clemencia trata de sobrevivir vendiendo lechuga pero el amor por los animals traiciona constantemente sus necesidades económicas.


Esteban Giraldo is a mass media communicator/journalist from the Universidad de Antioquia. He’s a Political Scientist and has an M.A. in Creative Writing from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He wrote the book of stories Actos Fallidos. He is currently developing Storylines, a short film, with Gato Encerrado Films. He has also worked on the development of the features films Nobody Across and Medias Oranges. He’s the academic editor of Planet Group.