Juan Forero / U.S.A / Experimental / 2015 / 12 min


A portrait of a woman named Sarah, shown through vignettes of various stages of her life and state of mind. Sarah is a mood piece that deals with themes such as dreams and goals, disconnection, isolation, loneliness, loss, grief and hope.

El retrato de una mujer llamada Sarah, presentado a través de viñetas de varios momentos de su vida y estado mental. Sarah es una pieza experimental que maneja temas como los sueños y objetivos, desconexión, soledad, pérdida, dolor y esperanza.


Juan Forero is a 28 year old writer and director from Colombia. He graduated with a degree in Photography from his hometown and then moved to New York, where he studied Screenwriting at The New School and finished his first full-length screenplay. Sarah, his first short film as co-writer and director, touches some of the topics that have been part of his previous work in photography and writing: the subconscious, destiny or the lack thereof and definitions of reality.