Carolina Vasquez / Colombia / Documentary / 2015 / 7 min


“The sun is blond, blond like my hair!” is the way in which Carlitos, an albino boy from Antioquia, Colombia, describes himself. In this documentary Carlitos leads us through a day in his life: from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed at night.

¡El Sol es Monito, Blanquito como mi cabello!, con esta frase se describe Carlitos, un niño albino de 5 años que narra un día de su vida desde que se levanta hasta que se acuesta.


Carolina Vasquez has a degree in Audiovisual Communication Studies from the University of Palermo. She is the director of the documentary U’wa Guardians of Mother Earth, the short film Bolivar Is He, and co-director of the series Who said limits?. She is the screenwriter of Legendery Bandits of Mexico and “Tierrabajo”, which was nominated for best screenplay in the Habana Film Festival in 2012.