Cúanto pesa un oso polar? / How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh?
Miguel Catalá / Spain / Fiction / 2015 / 10 min


Lola and Arturo wait at the bus stop. Lola is going to work, as she does every day. Arturo is beginning a long trip. These two perfect strangers will speak about the most intimate things while they wait. A brief love story that ends before it begins. The workings of destiny…

Lola y Arturo se encuentran en la parada del autobús. Lola se dirige al trabajo, como todos los días. Arturo comienza un largo viaje. Dos perfectos desconocidos que hablan de las cosas más intimas mientras esperan. Una pequeña historia de amor que acaba antes de haber empezado. Cosas del destino…


Miguel Catalá- born in Gandía, Spain in 1976- works at Wannaone Think and Design company. He is cameraman, editor, and post-producer. He has carried out hundreds of videos for companies, interviews, events, videoclips… He has collaborated in short and feature films aushc as: Silence (prosonarte); Ding dong (abrilfilm); Sick (Ana Garcia); “Discreción aff” (Miguel Santos).