Cometa en órbita / Kite in Orbit
Naya Kuu / Ecuador / Documentary / 2014 / 21 min


Jonathan is a young immigrant who does not know how to read and write but that doesn’t limit his ability to create verses and to make poetry as part of his way of seeing life. His poems allow him to fly as the kites that he’s come to love.

Jonathan es un joven inmigrante a quien no saber leer y escribir no le limita para escribir sus versos y hacer de la poesía su forma de ver la vida. De que sus poemas le permitan volar como las cometas que tanto le gustan.


Carmen Colino (known as Naya Kuu) was born in Madrid. After finishing Music Education, she began studying acting at the school J.Carlos Corazza. In 2001 she bought a digital camera which she used to make her first documentary works: “De mayor superheroe” and “30 dias un mes.” In 2006 she travelled to Argentina where she developed as a writer and director of short fiction with “La piecita” and “Otro hemisferio”, as well as the documentary “A puro pulmón”. During 2010 and 2011, while living in Spain, she wrote and directed the short film “La revuelta del Donadio” and the videos “Circodiversion” and “Elefantes”.  She currently lives in Ecuador.