Carlos Caro Martin / Peru / Documentary / 2015 / 4 min


Prejudices are often dangerous, sometimes you have to investigate further to determine the real motive of human behavior.

Los prejuicios suelen ser peligrosos, a veces hay que investigar algo más para conocer el verdadero motivo de los comportamientos humanos.



Carlos Caro Martin was born in Madrid in 1975.  As a director he has co-written and co-directed Voicemail,  Lucia and One of the Masters, The Dark Side of Paradise , The Wheel of Bagan, Love and Statistics, Punishment Island and A Picnic.  In terms of more personal works, he has written and directed The Home Maker and Free Dreams. He, along with four other people, founded the  Not Only Films association  to create crowdfunding projects for the protagonists of documentary. The first documentary made by the association was Lake Victoria Children.